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Important Assets for Business Owners and Leaders

What assets are most important for your business success?

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend five days skiing in Park City, Utah over the past week and it was the best skiing I have ever experienced. As I write this for the small business owner in mind, you may be wondering why I’m sharing with you that I had a great ski vacation. I mention it because at one point, as I was skiing down the trail, four words came to mind: trust, desire, drive, and passion. I was fully present with what was driving me to do my best skiing ever after 9 inches of snowfall; something that has always caused me to get a bit uncomfortable in the past. See, as a New Englander, powder skiing is not what I am used to. Even with the multiple ski trips out west, skiing on groomed trails, or even icy trails, is my comfort zone; powder skiing is outside of my comfort zone.

How is communication impacting your business?

How would you rate your business’s level of communication with your clients? As a professional coach and mediator, communication skills – including active listening skills, are essential in the work that I do. It’s critical that I not only hear what my clients share with me, and the underlying message, but that my client feels […]