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Bringing Coaching to Your Organization

Thinking about bringing coaching into your Organization? First consider what your understanding of professional coaching is and what you wish to gain from hiring a coach to work within your organization.

Often what prompts an organization to bring coaching into their organization is when they realize their organization, or their leaders, are not maximizing their potential; they recognize there is room for growth and development and there is opportunity for change. Some may argue this is a constant.

When Divorce is Imminent

When divorce is imminent, you may consider hiring a divorce mediator, an attorney, or you may choose to represent yourself.

It’s January and right after the first of the year, I started receiving calls from people ready to take steps to move forward with divorce. I have witnessed that people who are no longer happily married often stay together to get through certain events, including the holidays. Once the event passes, the couples who have patiently, or not so patiently been waiting to move forward, take action. One form of action is to reach out to a professional mediator, like me, who can, as a neutral third party, help a separating couple make sense of all the decisions that need to be made to sever their ties, and, when children are involved, help them make decisions that are in the best interest of their children.

Setting goals for 2016

What’s next for you in 2016? Whether personal or professional goal setting, this is a time of year when many individuals as well as leaders in organizations start to set or review their goals for the year ahead.

There are numerous ways to look at goal setting. I have clients who just don’t want to do it, it makes them feel anxious; and others that find goal setting to be fun, exciting and inspiring. Setting goals offers an opportunity to imagine, to “vision”; it’s also a time to reflect. It can be challenging and it can be thought-provoking. Some look at setting goals as a time to commit.

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